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Pokhara Enduro Race 2022

Pokhara Enduro race will be held over two competing days over six stages. Two fully-supported practice days will allow riders to gain confidence in the unfamiliar terrain. The very best trails that the area has to offer will be included, encompassing a scenic and challenging route of some 3 to 4 hours of riding per day, containing six timed stages in total to be contested over the two days. At times, shuttle uplifts will be included wherever necessary to move athletes around the course.

Besides the primary enduro race, other sub-activities such as a festival for biking and sports equipment, live concert, local immersion via bike clinic, and auxiliary “Race with the Gurkhas” running event among others. 

While the target is 100 international participants from more than 15 countries, the race will also involve global media including photographers, videographers and vloggers along with trail builders from various countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Date: 14 to 17 March 2022
Race HQ: Lakeside
Race Tracks: Aarva Hills, next to Kau Danda
Format: Enduro Race
Activities: Festival and live race screening area at the lakeside to engage locals and other visitors.

14-17 MARCH, 2022
Arba-Bijaya Hill
Pokhara, Nepal
Race Categories
Elite: For professional Racers
Junior: Above 13 & Under 21 (male/Female)
Open: 21-39 (Male/Female)
Masters: 40-49 (Male/Female)
Veterans: 50+ (Male/Female)
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Pokhara Enduro Race takes place at the Arba-Bijaya hill range 10KM east of the lakeside. The highest point of the Arba hill range starts at 1400 meters above sea level, a perfect launch point for the race. The hill range has thick sub-tropical vegetation and a network of Natural tracks making it ideal for Pokhara Enduro. The variation in terrain makes these trails a perfect destination for Enduro lovers. The two river systems fencing the eastern and western flanks of the hill demarcates the Natural endpoints of the race runs.

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Pokhara Enduro Race Route




Race Days


Difficulty (1-10)


Highest Elevation (Meters)
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Important Information


Race schedule

International participants must arrive at the Kathmandu International Airport (KTM) on or before 12 March 2022. They will then travel 200 KM by road to Pokhara(PKR) the next day. There is an option to fly (25 Minutes) domestic airlines to Pokhara at additional cost. Please get in touch with us if you need additional arrangements outside the official schedule.

Participants ArriveTravel to Pokhara07:00 - Breakfast07:00 - Breakfast07:00 - Breakfast07:00 - Breakfast06:00 - Breakfast07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
Transfer to official HotelCheck into the official hotel08:00 - Shuttle Uplift for practice08:00 - Shuttle uplift for practice08:00 - Shuttle Uplift for Race Day 108:00 - Shuttle Uplift for Race Day 207:00 - Travel back to Kathmandu09:00 - onwards Transfer to airport
Handover Bike bags to logistics TeamCollect Bike + Test ride13:00 - Shuttle back to Hotel13:00 - Shuttle back to Hotel10:00 - First racer descent SS110:00 - First racer descent SS514:00 - Check into Hotel 
19:00 - Group Dinner18:00 - Race BriefingR & R (self explore)17:00 Shuttle back to Hotel15:00 - Last rider at the end of SS415:00 - Last rider at the end of SS815:00 - collect back bike 
 R & R (self explore)R & R (self explore)R&R (Self Explore)16:00 - Shuttle Complete back to hotels16:00 - Shuttle Complete back to hotels18:30- Group Dinner 
    R&R (Self Explore)17:00 - Pack bike and handover to logisticsR&R(Self Explore) 
     18:00 - Race closing ceremony  
     R&R(Self Explore)  

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