Dear Pokhara Enduro Community,

With new COVID-19 control measures introduced on the ground, we once again face uncertainty in planning our Pokhara Enduro race successfully in March this year. 

Under the present uncertainties, with a heavy heart, we have decided to postpone running the race to a later date when it is more favourable. It is in everyone’s best interests involved with the event to redirect and renew our efforts to deliver an excellent race experience at a better time in the future. We sincerely regret any inconveniences caused to you due to the event’s postponement.

Sunil C. Sharma
Pokhara Enduro

What is Pokhara Enduro ?

Pokhara Enduro (#POE) involves a community of locals and overseas volunteers to initiate, build and maintain enduro mountain biking trails in the foothills of the beautiful Pokhara valley in Nepal. The first round of identifying and developing the trails began in January 2020 when more than ten trail builders and riders from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Nepal banded together to create magic to discover golden trails in the dense forest of Arba hills.

To celebrate this community initiative, we plan to hold an International race attracting racers from more than 15 countries to gather in Pokhara in March 2022. The race will be held over two competing days over six(6) stages. Two fully-supported practice days will allow riders to gain confidence in the unfamiliar terrain. The very best trails that the area has to offer will be included, encompassing a scenic and challenging route of some 3 to 4 hours of riding per day, containing 6 timed stages in total to be contested over the 2 days.

Why Pokhara Enduro ?

Pokhara Enduro (POE) race aims to be the first international enduro mountain biking race to be organized in Pokhara, the adventure capital of Nepal. Thousands of global, regional and local tourists throng Pokhara for adventure activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, triathlon, white water rafting, and bungee jumping. Pokhara has a captive audience of adventure thrill-seekers.

Race days


Mike Chew, Malaysia

Little did I expected that I would be part of this amazing team to build trails and ride them. I am glad I took part in this mini-expedition to explore trails and set up a world-class enduro race.

Mike Chew, Malaysia

Derrick Johnson, Malaysia

I am amazed at the variety of trails that awaits riders at Pokhara Enduro race. I am awestruck to be riding the fast, flowy and technical trails at the hills of Pokhara.

Derrick Johnson, Malaysia

Aaron Chan Chow Hee, Malaysia

#pokharaenduro was my #soilsearching moment as we were recceing fresh trails on untouched land, having to plan our routes according to topography and such. Definitely a wild first experience trail building from scratch and learning from some passionate mountain bikers from around the world wanting to share the stoke.

Aaron Chan Chow Hee, Malaysia

Wilson Low, Singapore

Wilson jumped in a flash on the idea of organizing an Enduro race in Pokhara. He has been coming to Nepal to be part of Yak Ru Enduro race since 2014. This will be his second race involvemnet in the lake district of Pokhara.

Wilson Low, Singapore

Dr Jimmi, Australia

If I had my way, I’d forever live in the woods of Pokhara. The wooded mountains in Pokhara are goldmines for mountain bikers. I am the Dirt-Tiger from Down Under and love to hang around with other Tigers in the wild. I rarely mingle around with Kittens and it was one of those rare occasions I got to hang around with them Kittens building trails for Pokhara Enduro Race.

Dr Jimmi, Australia

Deepak Man Joshi, Nepal

Although I am from Nepal, I had never biked this part of Pokhara. Building my own race trails made me realize how lucky I am to be involved in this privileged task. I will be coming back here to ride with all my buddies.

Deepak Man Joshi, Nepal

Arniko Piya, Nepal

I have always loved playing with Earth to build something. I must say, I had one of the best experiences building bike trails for the upcoming Pokhara Enduro Race. Seeing riders enjoy the trails you help build brings a smile on my face.

Arniko Piya, Nepal

Rajesh Kumar Rai, Nepal

Rajesh retired from the British Military service and headed home to build one of the finest physical fitness and education centre in Pokhara. He now trains Nepali hopeful youths to get enlisted in the British Army service. Rajesh and his team will put together the race “Run with the Gurkhas” as a supporting event during Pokhara Enduro Race.

Rajesh Kumar Rai, Nepal

Paul Chetwynd

Paul is a native Canadian. Yup, you know what is the correlation between the Canadians and the mountain bikes right? You got it right, their parents mount them on a bike when they are 1 year old and roll them off the hill. That is why they are so good with the two wheels. This champ rallied with us to build Pokhara Enduro Race trails. So you can expect a damn good trail to race on.

Paul Chetwynd

Suman Tumkhewa Limbu

After retiring from the British Army services, Suman headed home as well for the greatest love for adventure. Now he explores the mountains he calls home to find worthwhile engagements. Suman will work with Rajesh to put together the “Race with Gurkhas” thematic race during Pokhara Enduro.

Suman Tumkhewa Limbu

When is the race ?

The next Pokhara Enduro is a 2-day MTB enduro race planned for 14-17 March 2022, that will bring 100 mountain bikers from across the world to the beautiful lake district of Pokhara, Nepal. The terrain surrounding Pokhara will be a zone of delight for these enduro athletes, who will be treated with stunning Himalayan views while shredding both flowy and technical singletracks and at time forgetting that they are even here for racing.

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Pokhara Enduro Race offers magnificent views of the Annapurna mountains. Participants will also get to take a peek at the local lifestyle.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at Pokhara Enduro is the best way to enjoy the event. If you are a rider and have medical, trail building or photographic skills, you are welcome to join our volunteering team.
We select the best from a pool of applicants each year to come experience the race and be our ambassadors. The rewards of being Pokhara Enduro volunteers are the camaraderie you build with other like minded racers.

race route

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Pokhara Enduro

Shredd'n the hills of Pokhara coming Spring

We are launching Pokhara Enduro (#POE2022) in the adventure capital of Nepal, Pokhara, after successfully running Yak Ru (a high altitude MTB enduro race in the Annapurna region of Nepal) for the last five years.  Pokhara Enduro is scheduled from the 14th to the 17th of March 2022 and is expected to attract athletes from more than 15 countries. We project to cap the first year’s race entry at 100 participants.

race map copyright

Pokhara Enduro Race Route


Race entry fee and packages

Entry options

Keeping in view the interests from local and international racers, we offer non complicated, binary options for race packages. Bare Metal and Full Package.  Early Bird Price offered till 31 Dec 2021. From 01 Jan 2022, the Full package price will revert to US$695.

If you live in Pokhara or manage your own trip to Pokhara, you may choose Bare Metal option. If you are an international rider, you have to choose the full package option.

Note: Your race entry packages are sponsored and subsidized by our kind sponsors.

Bare Metal

Race Registration only

  1. Shuttle for practice
  2. Timing System Chip
  3. 2 race days
  4. Race opening event
  5. Race closing event
  6. Race days snacks and hydration
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Full Package

Race Registration + other services

  1. 2 x Airport Transfers
  2. 7 Nights Accommodation
  3. Opening and closing Dinners
  4. Breakfast included
  5. Ground transportation
  6. All shuttles
  7. Timing System chip
  8. Medals and certificates
  9. Race T-shirt
  10. Race Duffel Bags

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