Pokhara Enduro Race Objectives

What are Pokhara Enduro’s Objectives?

  1. Pokhara Enduro Race is the first international enduro mountain biking race organized in Pokhara in 2023, the adventure capital of Nepal. Pokhara has a captive audience of adventure thrill-seekers, thus becoming a marketable destination because it sells independently. We want to capitalize on this popularity of the destination and further add another attraction to the future visitors of Pokhara. In the future, more people will be drawn to Pokhara via our event and post-event publicity, helping market Pokhara as a sports tourism destination.
  2. Showcase our hardware (Terrains) and the software (Athletes) to the world of Enduro Mountain Biking. Nepalese Enduro racers have been dominating National and Regional Race podiums, bringing home glory.
  3. This event will also bring employment opportunities for the locals while trail building, during the race, and on a long-term basis. It will provide business opportunities to the locals living in the Pokhara Ward 13, particularly around the Arba, because of the network of sustainable riding trails we have built. The race event will integrate the locals into the tourism economy of Pokhara, thereby increasing the economic size of the Pokhara-13. Locals have started to run homestays and lodges to provide services to visiting riders. Gradually, the local youths start engaging in good-paying jobs, stopping the unskilled/skilled migration of our youths to other countries.
  4. Similarly, the race wants to promote sports tourism via the popular biking race format like Enduro, which is gaining much popularity worldwide. Organizing it in Pokhara will support the Gandaki Provincial Government’s drive to be recognized internationally as a sports tourism destination.
  5. Overall, Pokhara Enduro will help promote Nepal.
  6. The Pokhara Enduro Race event will create additional buzz for Pokhara’e’s vibrant sports tourism scene by building wholesome visibility all year round.

Race Highlights