Pokhara Enduro Race 2023 Trail Map

The lowdown on Pokhara Enduro trails

The Pokhara Enduro features challenging but exciting courses that test riders’ skills on diverse terrains for overall trail proficiency and endurance. The course includes technical descents, rocky sections, drops, jumps, and tight turns across landscapes. Designed for both experts and aspiring riders, each stage presents unique challenges, requiring a balance of speed and control.

For easier navigation of the race area, we have provided a Google Earth map.

Tunnel Trail – SS1

Tunnel Trail SS1 (For all categories)
Distance: 832 meters

Elevation Gain/Loss: 61.9 m, -139 m

Ave Slope: 14.2%, – 18.9%

With its trailhead perched at an elevation of 1,360 metres, this trail provides an exciting experience with its perfectly maintained 832-metre trail. It has a slight drop, but that can be overcome with a controlled rollover. With an elevation gain of 61.9 metres and a descent of 139 metres, the trail has an average slope ranging from 14.2% to 18.9%.

SS1 contains a tiny rock garden that aspiring enduro riders may easily cross. This trail provides a dynamic and inclusive enduro experience by standing out for its thrilling elements and well-designed course, which offers a fun challenge for competitors of various ability levels.

Khel Maiden Trail – SS2

Khel Maiden Trail – SS2 (For all categories)

Distance: 772 meters

Elevation Gain, Loss: 137 m, -44.6m

Ave Slope: 18.7%, -8.8%

This trail traverses a scenic 772-metre journey across a thick forest. It unfolds with a gentle 137-metre elevation gain and a descent of 44.6 metres, revealing a nuanced landscape.

The lack of big declines underlined the trail’s personality, which was defined by a series of switchbacks, each requiring a delicate body stance.

The average grade of the trail provided both problems and possibilities, with an uphill inclination of 18.7% requiring careful navigation and a -8.8% downward slope allowing riders to refine their technique. This enthralling voyage not only submerges riders in the majesty of nature but also functions as a practical arena for refining their skills.

Meadow Trail – SS3

Meadow Trail – SS3 (For all categories)

Distance: 695 meters

Elevation Gain, Loss: 45.3 m, 116 m

Ave Slope: 9.2%, -19%

It shares many similarities with SS2 but differs in that it has a substantial drop.

The 695-metre-long trail has an elevation gain of 45.3 metres and a drop of 116 metres, with an average slope of 9.2% and a difficulty -19%.

What sets Meadow Trail apart is the strategic inclusion of an alternative path by the trail managers, offering a secure route for less-experienced riders. 

The skillfully built diversion appeals to riders seeking a less intimidating experience while keeping the trail’s daring ethos. It exemplifies attentive route management, catering to experienced riders and those seeking a more secure biking adventure.

Prabhu Dham Trail – SS4

Prabhu Dham Trail – SS4 (For all categories)

Distance: 672 meters

Elevation Gain, Loss: 24.4 m, -123m

Ave Slope: 8.7%, -20%

This trail unfolds over 672 metres, offering an exhilarating journey with a sequence of switchbacks.

It presents the riders with playful contours, inviting them to navigate with a blend of skill and enjoyment. Despite the initial excitement, the trail poses a significant challenge with its substantial descent. Cyclists must exert control while ascending before encountering a dramatic drop in the middle segment.

The stage records an elevation gain of 24.4 metres and a loss of 123 metres. The average slope varies throughout, averaging 8.7% during the ascent and a challenging 20% going down the slopes.

Navigating this diverse terrain requires a delicate balance of precision and technique, creating a thrilling yet demanding segment for riders seeking excitement and a test of handling skills.

Pro Trail – SS5

Pro Trail – SS5 (Only for Elite, Masters-A and Masters-B categories)

Distance: 1.42 KM

Elevation Gain, Loss: 65.2 m, -241 m

Ave Slope: 10.3%, -19.2%

This exhilarating 1.42 km course, purposely built for skilled riders seeking an adrenaline rush, takes centre stage at the event.

It presents demanding features such as off-camber switchbacks and cascading drops. With an elevation gain of 65.2 metres and a descent of 241 metres, the heart-pounding experience unfolds over diverse terrain. The average slope, ranging from a 10.3% ascent to a steep 19.2% descent, tests the rider’s technical prowess.

Navigating through treacherous rocks, the descent becomes a test of nerves and precise control. Each twist and turn injects a surge of adrenaline, pushing braking and riding abilities to the limit.

Riding down this trail is both a physical feat and a thrilling adventure that demands a combination of skill and courage.

Bijuli Trail – SSE

Bijuli Trail – SSE (Only for e-Bike category)

Distance: 2.03 KM

Elevation Gain, Loss: 175 m, -160m

Ave Slope: 12.7%, -14.5%


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