FAQ Pokhara Enduro Race


FAQ Pokhara Enduro Race 2023

What kind of protective gear do I need?

  • Helmets are mandatory to be worn whenever a rider is pedalling their bike. The helmet can be full-face or half-lid, according to the individual’s comfort level. Helmets with a removable chin guard/piece are also acceptable. Knee pads are the other piece of mandatory apparel (for timed stages). Other recommended apparel include:
  • Additional body armour (elbow pads, chest protector, back protector, etc.) according to the individual’s comfort level
  • Padded shorts or bib shorts
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or goggles. See the answer to the next question below)
  • Two or more sets of comfortable riding shorts + a jersey

    FAQ Pokhara Enduro Race 2023

    Can somebody else register me?

    No, you must register yourself, as we require your details and payment for confirmed registration.

    How difficult will the race be physically?

    The race’s difficulty level is Intermediate to Advance; in the EWS event grading system, our race will fall between Blue and Red. The liaison sections climb, and the distance will fall into the one to two-bar category.

    Why are you limiting registration?

    We are limiting the number of racers to 150 participants because we want everyone to enjoy the race more intimately.

    Do you have group event?

    We do not have any group events planned for 2023. However, we may introduce group races from 2024 onwards.

    How is my bike transported to Pokhara?

    It would be best if you travelled with a padded bike bag. We transport your bike from Kathmandu to Pokhara and back in a transporter vehicle with tailgate pads.

    Are there official photographers?

    Oh yes. You will feel like a celebrity rider when our pro photo and video crew follow your every move.

    Do you have race medics?

    Yes, medics will be placed strategically on several sections of the race stage. 

    Do I need insurance to take part in the race?

    Yes, Insurance is mandatory for participating in the race. The insurance should cover all medical emergencies, including evacuation and repatriation to your home country.

    How long is each stage of the race?

    There is a total of 4 race stages you will compete in on the final race day. Each stage is approximately 1.4 to 1.6 km long in the distance. The total length, including the liaison sections, will be 18 to 20 km.

    Is there a minimum age requirement?

    The age limit is 12-18 years for the Junior category (Parental consent is required for racers who have not turned 18 at the time of the race).

    Do I need previous race experience?

    Prior race experience is preferred but not mandatory. Race sections do have chicken lines 🙂

    If you need more information,
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