Volunteering Pokhara Enduro Race

Volunteering at the Pokhara Enduro race is a fantastic way to get involved in a sport or industry that you are passionate about, in a role that has the primary purpose of benefitting someone else – in this case, you will be protecting the safety of competitors (as well as officials, staff and other volunteers).

Here is a list and description of the various volunteer roles we need at the race:

  • Medics: 2-3 people on wheels to get to racers when they need help.
  • Photographers: Documenting and taking photos of the race and the days building up to it.
  • Motorbike Dispatchers: You will take on the crucial role of transporting race officials to various points in the racing venue.
  • Trail Builders: Join our trail builders worldwide to recce and build environmentally sustainable trails.
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If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us at pokharaenduro@gmail.com


    Meet The Founders

    Both Sunil and Chhimi are passionate bikers. They have been organizing the Yak Ru Enduro mountain bike race in Manang, Nepal, since 2014. Get in touch with them. They would love to hear from you.